The Recommended Reading Blog

*Student blog entries have been removed from the site*

The assignment:

Both major papers for the course begin with a reading of a single text, which we’ll be doing in the reading responses. Both papers also ask you to take the crucial second step of drawing connections among different texts. SO: Once during the semester, you will be responsible for reading one recommended reading and creating a blog post about it for your classmates, and then pulling it into our conversation–using your reading of the text to move class discussion forward. Your assignment for the post on the Recommended Reading Blog is to:

  • read the text carefully
  • summarize it
  • analyze a brief passage from it
  • connect it with the main text assigned for that day.
  • create tags for your post, identifying key themes and ideas for yourself as well as your classmates (reusing relevant tags to develop links among different course texts is encouraged)

In class,

  • mention your reading into class conversation
  • introduce it to your classmates and connect it to the discussion

You may work on your own or together in pairs; up to three people can sign up for the same day.

You may choose to incorporate ideas from this post into your longer papers and take-home exam.  You are encouraged to build on your classmates’ blog posts for your longer papers—just be sure to give them full credit.