Final Exam

Final Exam: Your Victorian Age, 4-5 pages, 20%: This paper, due at the time of the scheduled final exam, asks you to draw on your reading response papers to create a focused overview of the Victorian period in terms of one of the questions developed by the class. Final versions of the essay questions will be circulated on Friday. You will choose one question to focus in on the key ideas, facts, figures and quotations that seem to capture the “spirit of the age” as you understand it.

The test will be administered on the honor system: you will have five hours to complete it. During the exam, you may use one 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper with a tentative thesis and evidence you plan to use–a crib sheet.

You may take the exam by hand or type it.

You may work together to review material and plan your answer, but, once you have begun writing, I expect you to complete the exam entirely on your own.

You may not use internet resources to prepare for the exam or during the exam.

The Final Exam is due on Blackboard and in hard copy to Bobet 321 at 1:30 pm on Thursday, December 12.

  1. Before taking the exam, prepare a cover sheet: write by hand a promise to spend only five hours on the exam, and not to consult other documents or people (online or in person), but to use only the crib sheet you have prepared.
  1. Rather than writing your name, please use your student id number.
  1. Attach the crib sheet you used during the exam.