Reading Schedule, with Links

Below is the schedule of readings for the course.  Most readings can be found in the assigned course texts. Other readings can be found by clicking on the links below.  The PDFs include only the assigned pages.

Week 1

Aug. 27: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of time”–Syllabus & Introduction to Victorian England

Aug. 29: MEET IN LIBRARY INSTRUCTION ROOM!  Arnold, “Culture and Its Enemies,” in Cornhill (July 1867), pp. 36-53 (PDF), and Stephen, “Mr. Matthew Arnold on Culture,” Saturday Review (20 July 1867), pp. 78-9 (PDF) [response to “Culture and Its Enemies]

Week 2

Sept. 3: Dickens, Pickwick, Introduction and pp. 1-79 [see also predecessor Piece Egan’s Life in London ]

* recommended reading, prose: Dickens, “Streets By Morning” in Sketches by ‘Boz’: Illustrative of Every-Day Life, and Every-Day People, Second Series. (London: Macrone, 1836), p. 1-16 (PDF) [by Libby]

Sept. 5: Pickwick, pp. 79-158

* recommended reading, prose: Dickens, “Seven Dials” in Sketches, pp. 143-56 (PDF)

Week 3

Sept. 10: Gaskell, “Lizzie Leigh,” [in four parts], pp. 2, 32, 60, 63, and “Preliminary Word” in Household Words, 1 (1850), see p. 1-2 (PDF) [includes “Preliminary Word”]

* recommended reading, poetry: Webster, “A Castaway” in Broadview, pp. 475-83. Prose: Gaskell, Lois the Witch (1861), [by Caroline]

Sept. 12: Barrett Browning, in Broadview, pp. 22-9 and 80-1; L.E.L. “The Factory” in Broadview, pp. 16-7; Martineau, “Needles” Household Words, 4 (1852) pp. 540-6 (PDF)

* recommended reading, poetry: Caroline Norton, in Broadview, pp. 82-91. [ By Tatiana ]

Week 4 

Sept. 17: Brontë, Jane Eyre, Vol. I [Ch. 1-15] and Gaskell in Jane Eyre, pp. 467-58

* recommended reading, film: Jane Eyre (2011), dir. Fukunaga.  [By Julia, Laura, and Alex]

Sept. 19: Jane Eyre, Vol. II [Ch. 16-26]

*recommended reading [by Mike]

Week 5

Sept 24: Jane Eyre, Vol. III [Ch. 31-45]

* recommended reading, film: Jane Eyre (1943), dir. Stevenson [by Katlyn, Kevin, and Taylor]

Sept. 26: Jane Eyre, Letters & Reviews, pp. 432-56

* recommended reading, novel[!!!]: Rhys, The Wide Sargasso Sea (1966) [by Joe]

Week 6 

Oct. 1: Pickwick, pp. 158-235

Oct. 3: Pickwick, pp. 236-313

Week 7

Oct. 8: FIRST PAPER DUE and Eliot, “The Lifted Veil,” in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 86 (1859), pp. 24-48 (PDF)

Oct. 10: Collins, “A Terribly Strange Bed,” in Household Words 5 (1852), pp. 129-37 (PDF)* recommended reading, essay: Oliphant, “Sensation Fiction,” in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 81 (1862), pp. 564-84 (PDF)

 Week 8

Oct. 15: NO CLASS (Fall break)

Oct. 17: Kipling, in Broadview, pp. 515-9, and “How the Leopard Got His Spots” and “Elephant’s Child” in Just So Stories, pp. 43-83 (PDF)

* recommended reading, prose: Macaulay, “Minute on Education” (1835), from Selections from Educational Records, Part I (1781-1839). Ed. H. Sharp. (Calcutta: Superintendent, Government Printing, 1920.) (PDF) [By Patrick and John]

Week 9

Oct. 22: Tennyson, in Broadview, pp. 101-132

* recommended reading, essay: Fox, “Tennyson—Poems, Chiefly Lyrical–1830,” in Broadview, pp. 531-9 [by Adrienne and Jessica]

Oct. 24: Browning, in Broadview, pp. 224-240, 302-7

* recommended reading, essay: Bagehot, “Wordsworth, Tennyson and Browning; or, Pure, Ornate and Grotesque Art,” in Broadview, pp. 633-644 [by Laurel and Peter]

Week 10

Oct. 29: D. G. Rossetti, in Broadview, pp. 389-403 and Siddal, in Broadview, pp. 410-11

Oct. 31: C. Rossetti, in Broadview, pp. 412-30

Week 11

Nov. 5: Pickwick, pp. 313-505

Nov. 7: Pickwick, pp. 505-583

Week 12

Nov. 12: Revision of Paper 1 Due and Pater, in Broadview, pp. 665-670

Nov. 14: [film] The Importance of Being Earnest, 1953, dir. Asquith

* recommended reading, essay: Wilde, “The Critic as Artist” in Intentions (1891), pp. 32-72 (PDF)

[by Savannah, Samantha]

Week 13

Nov. 19: Pickwick, pp. 593-698

Nov. 21: Pickwick, pp. 698-754

Week 14

Nov. 26: Hopkins, in Broadview, pp. 493-503 and 671-3

Nov. 28: NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)

Week 15

Dec. 3: Hardy, in Broadview 487-92

Dec. 5: PAPER 2 DUE, Course Themes: Designing a Final Exam

* Thursday, Dec. 12: Take-Home Final exam due to 321 Bobet Hall, 1:30 pm*

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